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Team Around The Family

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Who Are We

Children, young people and their families sometimes need a little extra help for them to have happy healthy lives.

Team Around the Family (TAF) aim to work with families to help them identify their strengths and needs and make their own family plans to guide them towards their goals.

How Does TAF Work?

  • TAF are contacted by a family or someone working with a family because they want to make changes to improve their lives.
  • The family will be contacted by a TAF worker to talk about what has been happening in their life.
  • Together the TAF worker and Family try to work out what the whole family need.
  • The family pick services they would like to work with, with the support of the TAF worker.
  • Those services plus friends are invited to take part in a TAF family meeting.
  • At the meeting the family will agree an action plan, including services they have chosen to work with.
  • The TAF worker will help the family review their plan.

Your Voice is heard

  • Our service is guided by YOU
  • We spend time listening to what YOU and YOUR family have to say
  • We work with the WHOLE family
  • We support YOU to make YOUR own plans for a positive change
  • We will help you identify existing support from friends and family as well as current and new services which can support YOU
  • We can work with families for up to 6 months if needed.

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